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Coronavirus: what will the rest of the academic year look like?


Coronavirus: what will the rest of the academic year look like?

The measures taken to contain the Coronavirus have shaken up the academic year. We want to limit the impact on students' study progress to a minimum. Therefore, changes were made to the academic calendar and the education and examination regulations. On this page, you will find the general guidelines. Each study programme will work out a made-to-measure solution.

ATTENTION! The text below is based on the current measures, which assume that HOGENT will only be organising online education until 18 May.

Study programmes at the School of Arts are subject to different regulations. Click here for more information.


HOGENT has changed the academic calendar to create a more flexible timing for its various activities. For example, educational activities that cannot be organised digitally, can also be scheduled at a later date. 

The end date of the current academic year will remain the same. Only digital educational activities will be possible until 18 May. After that - subject to new measures - activities on campus will be possible but social distancing measures will need to observed strictly.

New timing of the academic calendar

  • April 20 until June 26: education and examination period 2
  • June 29 until August 14: holiday period with the possibility of an internship (under strict conditions) 
  • August 17 until September 11: education and examination period 3


Based on the updated academic calendar, HOGENT has drawn up new exam regulations. We always ensure feedback and a second examination opportunity. By making the examination period longer, we have created more flexibility for on-campus educational activities later in the academic year or for internships and workplace learning.  

April 20
until May 15

Exams may be organised digitally, provided that all content has been processed and that exams are announced in time. 

May 18
until June 26

Exams on campus are possible, with strict observance of social distancing rules en hygiene measures. This arrangement is subject to new government measures. Exam results will be announced on June 25th and there is a feedback moment on June 26th.

August 17
until September 11

Second exam period. 

Tweede examenkans. In highly exceptional cases, a first exam may take place here, followed shortly afterwards by a second exam opportunity. 

Each training programme will work out an appropriate, tailor-made arrangement. These are based on the following principles:

  • Feasibility for student (studyability) 
  • No or minimum study extension for the student
  • Two exam opportunities will be guaranteed
  • Within the framework of the updated academic calendar
  • Each student will receive more information about the exams by April 22nd at the latest. 

Internships and workplace learning.

Internships and workplace learning are an essential part of our programmes to let students demonstrate that they can apply the necessary skills in real life. This remains unchanged, even if the internships are suspended due to corona measures.

A one size fits all approach is not feasible. Therefore, we look at the needs for each internship so that students can obtain the necessary skills. An internship committee per program will work out a course of action per student, taking into account necessary skills, the individual student and the internship's specific circumstances.

Basic principles

  • We will not adhere to previously defined internship periods. Internships can be organised at other times within the framework of the updated academic calendar.
  • The internship / workplace learning will be completed to the maximum extent possible.
  • Alternative assignments to achieve the intended skills are an option.
  • Internship activities or alternative assignments can also be planned during the summer period, provided that supervision can be guaranteed.
  • For unregulated professions, the internship period can be shortened if it can be demonstrated that the necessary skills have already been obtained.

Your internship coordinator or internship guidance counsellor will inform you as soon as possible and no later than May 4 about the steps needed to complete your internship.

What if...

Should government measures render it impossible to start on-campus activities on 18 May, HOGENT will look into the possibilities of changing the planned physical education and examination activities as well.

and information.

You will receive more information about the exams as soon as possible and no later than April 22nd. As soon as the exam schedule is known, we will inform students about how the evaluation will take place for each course via Chamilo.

If you have any questions or concerns, you can always contact us at coronavirus@hogent.be.