Faculteit Mens en Welzijn

Campus Schoonmeersen
Valentin Vaerwyckweg 1 (auto, post)
Voskenslaan 270
9000 Gent
  +32 (0)9 243 26 29

Faculteit Natuur en Techniek

Campus Schoonmeersen
Valentin Vaerwyckweg 1 (auto, post)
Voskenslaan 270 (voetgangers, openbaar vervoer)
9000 Gent
  +32 (0)9 243 27 00

Faculteit Bedrijf en Organisatie

Campus Schoonmeersen
Valentin Vaerwyckweg 1 (auto, post)
Voskenslaan 270
9000 Gent
  +32 (0)9 243 22 00

School of Arts

Campus Bijloke
J. Kluyskensstraat 2
9000 Gent
  +32 (0)9 267 01 00


The University College Ghent offers students an international learning environment with a wide variety of higher education level studies. We cooperate with numerous European and non-European colleagues and institutions, but are also heavily involved in initiatives and projects in developing countries. This international cooperation is carried out in the fields of student and teacher mobility, as well as in  curriculum development and research.

Within the framework of the EU programmes as well as exchanges programmes funded by the Flemish Government, our students get the opportunity to study or to undertake a work placement at a European or an international partner institution or organisation.

Each faculty of the University College Ghent has cooperation agreements with a number of partner institutions, amounting to 200 Erasmus+ partner institutions within Europa, 18 Erasmus Belgica partner institutions within the Wallonian community of Belgium and 13 bilateral agreements with institutions mostly based outside Europe. Similarly, qualitative projects and work placements are offered in the framework of development cooperation.

Institutional Cooperation

An interactive overview of all exchange agreements of the University College Ghent can be found here.


International networks currently play a major part in decision-making processes in and outside Europe. Participation in a network is also essential with a view to future developments in respect of qualitative feedback, professionalization and international accreditation.

The University College Ghent is member of the following networks and organisations.


Making the knowledge triangle work is not an empty slogan for HoGent. HoGent is regionally anchored & internationally oriented. We link higher education, research & business for excellence and regional development. For our research and services HoGent cooperates with regional, national & international partners (business partners, social profit sector as well as the arts sector). Education, research and its valorisation within HoGent are based within the practice of the (professional) field and society; at the same time expertise is returned to this professional/artistical field. HoGent focuses on applied research & research in/of arts.

More information? Have a look at PURE, the expertise portal of the University College Ghent .