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Sustainable Management

The International Summer School Sustainable Management 2019 is  a ten day intensive training organized by Odisee Hogeschool, HOGENT, KU Leuven, Rosto Solidarió and supported by Vluhr.


This ten day intensive training (5 days present, 5 days blended learning) will take place from September 9th until September 13th 2019. It brings together business and NGO employees and students to increase their awareness for sustainable business opportunities and provide them with knowledge and skills to translate sustainable ideas into relevant and viable business initiatives. A blend of guest lectures, teamwork, field visits and social activities provides a full and varied program.

This year the cases focus on the following themes: sustainable financing, sustainable HRM and sustainable entrepreneurship. The unique combination of private companies and NGOs gives you the opportunity to learn about sustainability issues from a different, business-oriented approach.

  • You are encouraged to work intensively with experienced employees from the field.
  • The business cases are real life situations. In combination with the company visits, you get even more in touch with CSR issues in businesses. The entrepreneurs provide you with their valuable feedback.
  • After a successful completion and  evaluation  of  the  International  Summer  School Sustainable Management, participants receive a certificate (equal to 3 ECTS credits).
  • The training is taught in English. As such, you get a language immersion on top.

Students and staff pay only € 170 instead of € 320. The subscription fee includes all guest lecture fees, local transport during the activities, lunches, 1 dinner and a contribution for an NGO.


Places are limited, so hurry and apply here before June 1st.

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Enhancing a sustainable way of working from a professional and entrepreneurial point of view.