Faculteit Mens en Welzijn

Campus Schoonmeersen
Valentin Vaerwyckweg 1 (auto, post)
Voskenslaan 270
9000 Gent
  +32 (0)9 243 26 29

Faculteit Natuur en Techniek

Campus Schoonmeersen
Valentin Vaerwyckweg 1 (auto, post)
Voskenslaan 270 (voetgangers, openbaar vervoer)
9000 Gent
  +32 (0)9 243 27 00

Faculteit Bedrijf en Organisatie

Campus Schoonmeersen
Valentin Vaerwyckweg 1 (auto, post)
Voskenslaan 270
9000 Gent
  +32 (0)9 243 22 00

School of Arts

Campus Bijloke
J. Kluyskensstraat 2
9000 Gent
  +32 (0)9 267 01 00


Afbeelding Testimonials incoming students

"I live in Brussels and I had the opportunity to do my Erasmus (Belgica) in Ghent and it was very interesting. It enabled me to practice Dutch, English and Spanish very often. I feel more comfortable now to use these three languages and to apply them in my new working life. Moreover Ghent is very close to Brussels so you don't really have to change all your habits when you decide for Erasmus Belgica. I am very happy with my decision to study in HoGent."
Ernesto Kumba, home institution: EPHEC, Brussels

"I was studying in Hogeschool Gent for the period September 2012 - February 2013. I had a great experience in my study exchange program in Gent. Firstly, you will experience the warm-hearted Belgium people who will always try to help you. Not only the people there are great, but also the city. Gent is an old and small city which will struck you by its beauty. The second thing is there are various lectures in Erasmus Program in Hogeschool Gent. Furthermore, Hogeschool Gent gives you a lot facilities that fulfills student needs. The last but not least, Gent is a students city. The student life here will never be forgotten in your whole life. Moreover, you will meet a lot of international students, most of them are from Europe. You will learn how to live with other people and different cultures background. All in all, I would say Gent is awesome."
Bernard Timotius (The Netherlands)

"I can definitely say that the semester I spent at University College Ghent was the most amazing and enriching experience of my entire life. I had the chance to study in a good institution, with a stimulating academic environment  and a really efficient international relations office, which supported me until the very last day of my stay in Belgium.
All of this, situated in a beautiful (and often really cold!) but lively medieval city like Ghent, that offers the perfect environment for all sort of students and where, of course, I met lots of special friends that contributed to make my Erasmus just…perfect!"
Nicola Gagliardi (Italy)

"During six months, I had the opportunity to live one of the most amazing experiences in life: To study abroad in Gent. For one semester this beautiful and magic city became my home. I met amazing people from all around the world and they also became my family and gave me amazing moments that after one year I still remember and definitely I will never forget them. Don’t miss the chance to live this great experience in an incredible city!"
Ana Victoria (Mexico)

"I was in Ghent from mid Sep 2012 till Feb 2013. It was awesome! One of the best time of my life. People, studies, travelling were amazing! If you choose this place to go to, you will never regret. Cheers!"
Igor Cherepanov (Moscow, Russia)

"My first semester in Gent was absolutely GREAT. I fell in love with this beautiful city and I really appreciated the “Hogeschool Gent”. I had everything I needed: very professional professors and international relations office.  Moreover Gent can offer all that a student could ask for: entertainment, culture, social life, sports!
Living in Gent was fantastic (of course...little bit cold and rainy) J but what you get on the receiving hand is a precious gift: the possibility to meet people from over the world…special friends that made this experience unique!
Gent is simply what I call a “wonderful world”."
Emanuele Mazzocco (Italy)

Belgium is the best country to be if you want to travel around Europe.
The international office is really helpful and understanding so you won't be having any problems, the courses are good but don't make the mistake of not attending just because you are Erasmus.
I think at the end of the day the most important thing about Erasmus is to have fun, meet people and different places, and you will definitely have the opportunity to do that in Gent!
Humberto Salgado (Mexico)

"When I finally decided to take into account all the experiences and recommendations of prior Erasmus students, and also took courage to take this big step in my life, I was actually quite determined what I was going to choose. Within a holiday and travelling throughout Benelux, I visited also Ghent and I took a fancy to this city so much that as soon as I got a chance to study abroad I picked Belgium and its third largest city. And I can now reveal I couldn’t have done better!"  Read more.
Jiří Svoboda (Czech Republic)

"Gent became my second favorite city after I’ve lived there as an erasmus student. Istanbul is in the first place of course J It was a fabulous experience for me. Yes, there is little bit cold especially if I compare with Turkey, it’s freezing!! But it was worth to be there because of Flemish people, chocolates, French fries, beers J
And Hogeschool Gent, ,it was a really priviledge to be a student there. They have professors who have changed my point of view. If you have chance to be erasmus student there don’t think twice because if I had a second chance, I would be there again!"
Sanem Turgut (Turkey)

"No doubt: to do Erasmus is an awesome experience. But Erasmus in HoGent became the best experience of my life! 
From the beginning I was always helped by the HoGent International Office: finding a room, filling out the correct papers, signatures, stamps, requests for information and any kind of help . Not only at the beginning but also throughout my stay.
Regarding HoGent, I loved it! It is a good university college with very good teachers who made me always feel good and welcome. What I also loved was the first week full of activities for us (Erasmus Students) and the opportunity to know people from every part of the world that became my friends!
I can't forget to mention the fabulous city that I could know and live for 6 months. I hope someday to come back because I really miss Ghent! 
Ana Rita Correia, home institution: Instituto Superior de Contabilidade e Administração do Porto