Introducing the Comakership principle in education

Jurriaan Louman (Windesheim University of Applied Sciences)

Over the last 25 years, Windesheim has established a solid basis as a broad-based, innovative knowledge centre. We provide a practical university education for and together with the region Flevoland. In this respect students work on many current and practical matters and find oneself in actual professional situations.

Practical learning takes place, besides internships, most of the time in so called Comakerships. In a Comakership one or more students are assigned by an external business client with a real current request to produce or create a professional product. Windesheim in Almere uses Comakership as a means of knowledge transfer in the learning triangle. Organizations benefit from Comakerships as they get fresh ideas and get in contact with future employees, students will be better prepared for their professional career. Windesheim University of Applied Sciences becomes more actively involved with their professionals surroundings.