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Afbeelding International Week 24 - 28 April 2017

University College Ghent’s Faculty of Business & Information Management is delighted to invite you to the international teaching week held from 24th till 28th April 2017.

We aim at offering an enriching experience to guest and home lecturers as well as students. Previous editions have also proven to be highly valuable in intensifying the cooperation between the partners represented.

Our faculty offers 4 bachelor study programmes in the following fields: Business Management (Marketing, SME, Law, Logistics, Accounting, Finance, Environmental Management), Office Management (with a strong emphasis on languages and ICT for future management assistants, translators and medical management assistants), Retail Management and Applied Computer Science (Application Development, Mobile, System Administration, Mainframe and E-Business).

Applications for this international teaching week can be done before 15 January 2017. All applicants will be informed by late February if a proposed topic was successfully matched with one of our study programmes. To maximize the international experience for all parties involved, priority will be given to those lecturers who confirm availability over the entire course of the week. We encourage all staff of our partner institutions to apply for funding within Erasmus+.

We look forward to connecting with colleagues from all over Europe!


The Faculty of Business and Information Management has 3 campuses: Campus Schoonmeersen and Campus Mercator in Gent and Campus Aalst in the city of Aalst (30 minutes by train in between Ghent and Brussels).

Most of the guest lectures will be scheduled on Campus Schoonmeersen, but some of your workshops or lectures might be planned in Aalst or on Campus Mercator.

Curious to see our lovely city of Ghent? This wonderful trailer (2 minutes) of the Ghent in Motion movie (50 minutes) is an excellent teaser. 

Preliminary programme

Monday 24 April
13.00 Arrival & registration
13.30 Welcome & introduction by Jan Schelstraete, the Faculty's Dean
Opening session
15.30 Walk and boat trip to the city centre
17.00 Opening reception in City Hall
Tuesday 25 April
08.15 - 16.30 Teaching day & informal networking - our office is your office
17.00 Guided tour in the city centre
18.00 - 21.00 Belgian dinner
Wednesday 26 April
08.15 - 17.45 Teaching day & informal networking - our office is your office
12.30 - 13.30 Speed dating over a complimentary lunch
Thursday 27 April
08.15 - 17.45 Teaching day & informal networking
13.00 - 16.15 Optional: Visit and boat trip in Port of Gent
Friday 28 April
08.15 - 15.30 Final day of the teaching programme

Accommodation options

These are merely suggestions, we do not have special prices in any of these hotels. Please check their websites or other travel sites for the best options and prices.

Best Western Chamade Koningin Elisabethlaan 3
Ibis Opera Nederkouter 24
NH Gent Sint-Pieters Koning Albertlaan 121
NH Gent Belfort Hoogpoort 63