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Afbeelding Building bridges of support

Building bridges of support: application of the support needs paradigm towards quality of life outcomes

March 22, 2018 - GHENT Book ticket

Over the last decades, quality of life has become a critical person-centered framework when thinking about the development, provision and evaluation of support for people in socially vulnerable situations. Especially within the field of disabilities, this framework has been linked to the support needs paradigm.

Quality of life framework in daily practice

This conference addresses the question how the support needs paradigm facilitates the implementation of the quality of life framework in daily practice. Furthermore, the strength-based perspective is presented as a lens to provide this support. To conclude, the role of self-determination in the quality of life framework is discussed.

You will expand your knowledge getting first-hand info from the research network hosting the event along with a selected panel of international proven authorities on the topics of

  • quality of life
  • the support needs paradigm
  • strength-based work
  • self-determination
New perspectives

These different contributions provide you with additional perspectives on contemporary questions and future directions to supporting the quality of life of people in socially vulnerable situations.

The AAIDD presents its work on the Support Intensity Scale (SIS) and its newly published white papers linking the SIS to decision-making on the micro, meso and macro level.

The presentations collectively bring a cross-sector and cross-disciplinary story on the support of people in vulnerable situations and shed light on ways to implement the quality of life framework in practice.


Target audience

The conference is organized specifically for academics, policy makers, and executive staff members from different fields, with experience or interest in the quality of life framework and/or the support needs paradigm.


English spoken


    University College Ghent
    Geraard de Duivelstraat 5
    9000 Ghent, Belgium
    How to find us



    08.30  Registration & coffee

    Welcoming and introduction by Claudia Claes, Margaret A. Nygren & Jessica De Maeyer


    Plenary session:

    The application of the support needs paradigm in implementing Quality of Life
    Robert Schalock & Jim Thompson

    11.00  Coffee break

    Parallel Sessions 1, 2 & 3 (select your preference)

    1. The strengths-based perspective as starting point of support
      R. Rapp & J. Thompson
    2. SIS-A and SIS-C Data Collection and Analysis
      M. Lombardi & S. Santos
    3. SIS-A Informed Decision-making at the Micro Level
      J. van Loon & R. Mostert
    12.30  Lunch

     Parallel Sessions 4, 5 & 6 (select your preference)

    1. Implementation of the support needs paradigm in education
      C. De Raes & J. Thompson
    2. SIS-A Informed Decision-making at the Meso Level
      M. A. Verdugo & R.L. Schalock
    3. SIS-A Informed Decision-making at the Macro Level
      J. Agosta, T. Sigurdsson, G. Tully & C. Molleman
    14.30 Coffee break

    Plenary session:
    The support needs paradigm and the role of self-determination
    Michael Wehmeyer


    Panel of experts’ perspectives:
    Future directions for supports provision in different fields

    Miguel Angel Verdugo, Robert Schalock, Richard Rapp, Michael Wehmeyer, Jim Thompson, Luigi Croce

    17.00  Poster session & reception
    18.00 End

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    This seminar is a joint initiative of University College Ghent & AAIDD

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