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Afbeelding Old wine in new bottles?

Seminar on the use of New Psychoactive Substances (in Belgium)

New Psychoactive Substances (legal highs, research chemicals,…) have become a global phenomenon affecting all regions in the world. This relatively new phenomenon and the rapidly changing drug market associated, could however pose serious health and social risks.

The NPS-care project, a Belgian research initiative titled "Understanding New Psychoactive Substance (NPS) use in Belgium from a health perspective" aims to get thorough insights on this rising trend and gathers the much needed scientific data that are currently still scarce in Belgium.

At this seminar you will expand your knowledge getting first-hand info from the research network hosting the event along with a selected panel of international proven authorities on NPS.
You will get an introduction to the NPS-care project as well as a presentation of the EMCDDA’s new report on (problematic) use of NPS in Europe. Furthermore we will share our latest findings on scientific testing of NPS in Belgium. Dr. Fernando Caudevilla, aka Dr. X, will share his story on deep web Harm Reduction.
You will also get the unique opportunity to witness a live demonstration of browsing the ‘Tripsit’ website by one of the founders of this volunteer-based information treasury on Substance Use and Harm Reduction.

In the afternoon, you can join one of three parallel workshops, focusing on

  • Prevention and treatment approaches towards NPS-use,
  • Harm Reduction on NPS-use in Nightlife or
  • NPS-use in low-threshold settings

*Programme details below*

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On the one hand the seminar presents the opportunity to network and exchange information on the topic of NPS and present the latest insights from authorities on the subject.
On the other hand, we are looking to gather Belgian professionals in view of the NPS-care research project.   


The seminar is open to all professionals dealing with or interested in the use of NPS in Belgium (caregivers, prevention workers, policy makers, emergency services, medical staff, youth services, justice personnel, etc..) .


Are you a professional working in drug-related services in Belgium and do you encounter the use of new substances users? Do you feel like sharing your expertise and thoughts with us? Do you have specific questions, comments or valuable input?

We are keen to learn what your experience is in NPS-related interventions!
The staff of the NPS-care research project considers the seminar as an opportunity to recruit
Belgian professionals who are interested to participate in a future Work Package (WP) of the project.
The goal of this WP is to get an insight in the needs of professionals, when it comes to continuing, developing or implementing NPS-related prevention, care or Harm Reduction initiatives.


09.30 Registration

Plenary Sessions - part 1

  • Introduction to the NPS-care research project
    Dr. Tina Van Havere (University College Ghent, BE)
  • New Psychoactive Substances in Europe: current practices and challenges for health professionals
    Alessandro Pirona (EMCDDA)
11.00 Coffee Break

Plenary Sessions - part 2

  • NPS in Belgium: current status
    Dr. Peter Blanckaert (Scientific Institute of Public Health/Early Warning System, BE)
  • The story of deep web Harm Reduction
    Dr. Fernando Caudevilla aka Dr. X (Energy Control, ES)
  • Live demonstration of the Tripsit-website (www.tripsit.me)
    Luke Slater (Tripsit, UK)
12.45 Network lunch break
13.45 Parallel Sessions 1, 2 & 3 (select your choice)
Each parallel session will be hosted by a moderator.

1. Prevention & treatment approaches on NPS-use

  • Click for Support’ project
    David Fraters (CAD Limburg, BE)
  • Neptune: Guidance on the clinical management of acute and chronic harm of club drugs and NPS
    Dr. Owen Bowden Jones (Club Drugs Clinic, UK)

2. Harm Reduction on NPS use in nightlife

  • The evolution of novel psychoactive substances in Spanish recreational settings:
    Type of substances consumed and trends detected after 10 years of monitoring.
    Dr. Mireia Ventura, (ABD-Energy Control, ES)
  • Peer Support in Flanders, opportunities for the future
    Martijn Onsia (Safe ’n Sound, BE)
  • Drug checking and fieldwork on NPS in Brussels
    Bérénice Libois + volunteer (Modus Vivendi, BE)

3. NPS-use in lowthreshold settings

  • Drug, Set & Setting in the changing landscape of intoxication
    Dr. J-PC Grund (CVO – Addiction Research Center, NL)
  • Questions on NPS-use among PWID in Flanders, Belgium
    Tessa Windelinckx (Free Clinic, Belgium/Needle & Syringe Exchange Programme, BE)
  • Discussion of online techniques for NPS tracking and harm reduction
    Luke Slater (Tripsit, UK)
 15.15 Closing drink


Please note that this event is English spoken. On-site interpreting service English - Dutch or English - French available.

TICKETS - include lunch and coffee breaks

  • Standard ticket (€50,00)  
  • Free ticket (invitees and research members) (€0,00)

Should you want to obtain an invoice, instead of paying by bank transfer, you can order it via the link mentioned on your e-ticket in your mailbox.

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22 september 2017
Place Victor Horta Plein 40-10
1060 Saint-Gilles/Sint-Gillis



This seminar is a joint initiative of Hogeschool Gent (University College Ghent ), belspo (Belgian Federal Science Policy Office) &  ISP / WIV