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HOGENT is the largest University of Applied Sciences and Arts in Flanders offering a wide range of programmes at eight campuses across the cities of Ghent and Aalst, in the Flemish part of Belgium.

HOGENT educates and trains future-proof students. In order to guarantee the long-term employability of students in a changing society, future-proof skills are central to every study programme.

Future students

The curricula stimulate open-mindedness in students and encourage them to tackle challenges in an interdisciplinary and holistic way.



Our students and staff
work together within an
appreciative environment.

International Week 2020.

Global engagement: working towards meaningful collaborations all over the world. In the face of global challenges such as climate change, depletion of natural resources, migration, changing demographics, digitalization… higher education institutions all over the world are engaging in cooperative efforts to find solutions for these global challenges, guided by the UN Sustainable Development Goals.

External Partners.

HOGENT is internationally geared while maintaining a strong regional connection within the urban context of Ghent. We systematically seek collaboration and cocreation with partners from business, industry and government on a regional, national and international level.

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HOGENT is a major player in the field of applied research and research in the arts. We aim to conduct research that is closely connected to our teaching, addresses contemporary societal challenges, favours interdisciplinary collaboration and strives for maximal impact.

Our researchers systematically seek collaboration and cocreation with citizens and with professional partners from business, industry and government on a regional, national and international level. Thus, our research develops our students’ critical thinking, information and research skills, contributes to the ongoing professionalization of our lecturers and makes HOGENT an invaluable innovation partner for the professional field.

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HOGENT strives to excel in education, research, service provision and practice of the arts. Through the expertise of its staff and graduates and the valorisation of its research, HOGENT is making a valuable contribution to a critical, creative and open society.

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