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Applied Information Technology.


Applied Information Technology.

Bachelor in Applied Information Technology: all-round training / a broad spectrum of possibilities. Tomorrow's IT specialist is socially-minded and creative. You are a team player who takes part in meetings as much as you work on a computer.

Communicative and
commercial skills

This means that you need communicative and commercial skills, which is why economics, business administration and communication are part of your curriculum as well.

practical training

You are offered a broad, practical training, which will enable you to find a place within the most diverse IT sectors easily. Moreover, you can specialise in:

  • Mobile & enterprise development
  • Artificial Intelligence & data engineering
  • Mainframes
  • Functional & network analysis
  • Database administration
  • System & network administration

Three year course

The bachelor in Applied Information Technology is a practical three year course.

The first year offers a sound training in cybersecurity, artificial intelligence, big data, development (Java, .NET, Python) & operations (Linux, Windows Server).

The second and third year allow you to further develop your personal interests. You can choose an IT-specialisation.

During the programme you will learn to think and act like an IT-professional. You will evolve into a dynamic personality who is able to think open minded and to have professional conversations on a management level. You will gain insight in economic issues. You will improve your communication skills and learn how to co-create with clients and develop new future-oriented 'smart solutions & applications' in the work field.

When you have graduated you can build a career in any IT sector or enroll in our postgraduate courses Applied IT Management.