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Biomedical Laboratory Technology.


Biomedical Laboratory Technology.

The course programme of Biomedical Laboratory
Technology has two main subjects:

Pharmaceutical and Biological Techniques educates professional bachelors for high-technological research in the biotechnological, pharmaceutical and medical-biological sector. The two cornerstones of these new technologies are molecular biology and biotechnology, which are ever more applied in pharmaceutical, biomedical and agricultural research in the public sector as well as in the industry.

The course programme of Biomedical Laboratory Technology educates professional bachelors who can perform chemical, physical, biological and microbiological analyses on fluids and tissues from the human body as well as other living creatures. This allows them to support the medical diagnosis and the follow-up of the course of the disease and therapy. The option medical laboratory technology is the only course programme at a University of Applied Sciences and Arts that gives you the recognized title of medical laboratory technologist.