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Social Work.


Social Work.

A social worker is a bridge in the field of tension between the human being and society. You know what is going on in our society, and you have the professionalism and empathy necessary to act in all kinds of problem situations.

Therefore we will help you develop the basic insights, attitudes and skills that are necessary to function in those different situations. In addition, you are also given the opportunity to get to know the social professional environment.

During the first two years, you will be given a basic orientation and a decent education in the different sectors. You can specialize in the third year. The course programme intends to turn out social workers who act in a well-considered way.

Additionally, we intend to give you a basis solid enough the keep the possibility for further education open. The recent reforms in higher education have made further education through all kinds of bridges more accessible. Bachelors of Social Work can become Masters of Social Work in two years time, a course programme that is offered by the University Ghent Association of which we are a member.