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Speech Language Therapy and Audiology.


Speech Language Therapy and Audiology.

Speech therapists are specialists in the fields of oral and written communication. They conduct research into, prevent and treat disorders of, amongst other things, the voice, articulation, spoken or written language (dyslexia,…) and problems with arithmetic, swallowing or the sense of hearing. Audiologists are experts on hearing tests; they determine which hearing aid is the most suitable for someone who is hearing impaired and they perform sound measurements for calibrations or noise control.

The programme consists of a common basis and two options: speech-language therapy and audiology. The options start in the second year. Through a reduction in the duration of studies it is possible to obtain the diploma of the other option in just one extra year. The programme’s components are offered to you in different forms: taught courses, practice sessions in small groups, project work and assignments. From your very first year you will be introduced to the speech therapist’s or audiologist’s field of work. This hands-on approach is further reflected in your second and third year as you will be at your trainee post for 1 or 2 days a week. You can also opt for a traineeship abroad. We will expect you to perfect your own voice, speech, spoken language and spelling (to this end and for that matter we provide sessions in your schedule) and we also attach great importance to your social skills.

The third year offers three sets of optional courses: (1) advanced issues in aural rehabilitation, (2) advanced issues in clinical speech-language therapy: brain damage, voice disturbance, stuttering, (3) advanced issues in learning disorders, (4) general studies, (5) preparatory sessions for master level, (6) seminars and (7) an international module on paediatric rehabilitation.