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Poverty and social exclusion.


Poverty and social exclusion.

Poverty remains one of the most persistent and complex problems for policy makers and social professionals. From a human rights approach, we view poverty as a fundamental violation of social rights. Poverty is a combination of a lack of material resources such as income or quality housing and intangible resources such as a social network. Therefore, poverty reduction must rely on social protection and resource redistribution to address poverty and social inequality on the one hand, and on remedial strategies to mitigate the effects of poverty on the other.

In recent years, more and more attention has been paid to material support as a strategy to combat poverty, with food evolving from a marginal issue to a hot topic in Flanders as well.

Based on ongoing research, we identify how various food initiatives for people in poverty seek to contribute to the realisation of human rights and human dignity.

In particular, we explore the subjective attribution of meaning of people in poverty. Based on insights from this research, we provide lectures, presentations, workshops … where food support is an exemplary case to zoom in on current discussions regarding poverty reduction and social inequality.

For more information, please, contact Caroline Vandekinderen and/or Annick Verstraete.