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Guidance & Well-being.


Having difficulties? Not feeling well? Need someone to talk to? Here you can find all the necessary information in order to contact the services that can help you.

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Results are lacking? Courses are not as fun as expected? Should I go on with this? Our guidance and counselling service is there for you to help you out with your difficult questions!


Guidance and Counselling.

Has it been a while that you’ve used the necessary knowledge you already possess? Or do you simply want to know how things “roll” at HOGENT? Our preparatory courses are the answer to your questions. Most of these courses take place mid-September, right before the start of the academic year.

Questions about your choice of studies? Thinking about changing but not really sure to what or how? Our student advisor can help you out. Send an email to or call us at +32 9 243 34 73 (between 8 am and 6 pm CET).

Questions about your study contract, your individualised learning path, supplementary course units or main subjects? Click on these links to learn more about our structure and procedures.

  • Contract & trajectory
  • Previously Acquired Competences (EVC)
  • Previously Acquired Qualifications (EVK)

Every study programme has a designated learning path advisor who can help you with your questions. Check out our contacts page for more information.

Do you require more time for an examination? Is it impossible for you to attend to an examination at a certain time?

Individual education and examination measures are developed in order to make studying accessible for everyone and allow some specific measures for students who are otherwise left out. Students with a recognised disability, extraordinary statute, medical reasons or extraordinary social or individual circumstances can apply for individual measures.

These measures need to comply with four criteria:

  • Necessity: without this measure it is impossible for the student to participate fully in education and examination activities
  • Feasibility: the measure cannot cause any disproportionate work load to the organisation
  • Justification: the measure is just and applies to the student’s situation
  • Competence monitoring: the measure cannot alter the aimed learning outcomes, although it can alter the process as to how these learning outcomes are obtained.

The application procedure can be initiated by arranging an appointment with your learning path advisor. Do this as soon as possible, meaning the start of the semester.

During the intake conversation your learning path advisor will look over your learning path and decide whether an individual measure is necessary. The ultimate decision will be taken by your faculty, based on the four formerly stated criteria.

Every study programme has a designated learning path advisor who can help you with your questions. Check out our contacts page for more information.

HOGENT can allocate you an extraordinary statute if you can prove you fall under one of these four categories:

  • recognised professional sportsman
  • being an entrepreneur with a (recently started up) company
  • professional artists, except for those who perform those arts related to their study programme at School of Arts
  • carry out a mandate in:
    • regulatory bodies of HOGENT and/or the Association
    • student council of HOGENT and/or the Association
    • participation commissions and/or study programme commissions of HOGENT
    • councils, commissions and work groups outside of HOGENT, related to the educational field (VLHORA, VLOR, VVS,…)
    • politics

The application procedure can be initiated by filling in the application form for your specific extraordinary statute and needs to be handed in by 15 October at latest. If you enrolled later than usual, the application needs to be handed in 15 calendar days after the date of enrolment. Click here to download each form (in Dutch) to save it on your hard drive. Fill in the form and send it to the corresponding contact person. The Commission will decide within a period of 30 calendar days if you are eligible for the statute. Note that this decision is only valid for one year and needs to be renewed at the start of a new academic year.

Professional sportsman

Lieve Lemaître
Sint-Denijslaan 251
9000 Gent
+32 9 243 37 50


Pol Bracke
Centrum voor Ondernemen
Gebouw D lokaal 1.024
Campus Schoonmeersen
Valentin Vaerwyckweg 1
9000 Gent
+32 9 243 22 64


Pascal Desimpelaere
J. Kluyskensstraat 2
9000 Gent
+32 9 243 36 15


Sofie Matthys
Geraard de Duivelstraat 5
9000 Gent
+32 243 34 52


Experiencing life as a student is not always as easy and fun, and you may encounter emotional and/or relational difficulties that keep you off your concentration, your studies… We know it isn’t easy, but we’re here if you need us. You can arrange an appointment with one of our dedicated staff members who will listen to your story. Entirely confidential. 


Our Social Service Division doesn’t offer any therapy services, but can help you in finding a therapy in the medical field that might be helpful for you, by using our Psynet. This is a network of independent psychologists specialised in specific fields, such as relational problems, eating disturbance, depressions, dealing with grief and addictions.

First you will have to apply for an intake conversation with one of our staff at the Social Service Division. Based on this, your file will be appointed to the commission of the Office for Student Services and Student Life for approval.

Upon official agreement of this commission, you can sign a agreement in which HOGENT agrees upon a number of sessions with a psychologist. You only pay € 2,5 per session and the psychologist can contact the confidential advisor at the Social Service Division for feedback on your progress.

It’s possible to extend the amount of sessions, if deemed necessary by the psychologist. 


Social Service Division
Overwale 42
9000 Gent
+32 9 243 37 38

  • Tue-Fri from 1 pm to 4:30 pm CET
  • Tue-Fri from 8 am to 12 pm CET (appointments only)
  • Monday from 8 am to 4:30 pm CET (appointments only)

Group training.

HOGENT organises group trainings for students coping with issues such as fear of failure or procrastination. One training consists of multiple sessions which are to be attended by the students. After completing a training it’s possible to apply for an individual training for the troubles you want to overcome.

Does this sound like something for you? Contact the Social Service Division to apply for an intake conversation. During this conversation, we define whether a training would be helpful for you or if another solution might be more suitable. We will also ask you to fill in a questionnaire (VASEV), which will be useful for us to define your major weaknesses.

Together we try to find out what exactly makes you think you have fear of failure and we’ll investigate how you can control your fear. After 4 or 5 sessions your fear will not be entirely gone however, you will possess the tools and skills necessary to arm yourself against the fear. After the training there is a moment of feedback with an advisor of the Social Service Division. 

Interested? Contact us! 
Overwale 42
9000 Gent
09 243 37 38

You’re not studying a lot or at all, you have a lot of other stuff to do and you’re sure you’ll handle the pile in a short time. Every excuse for not studying prevails and you’re planning a lot but in fact you’re not making a lot progress. This training will help you to cope with procrastination and will try to help you plan and help you stick to the plan. After the training there is a moment of feedback with an advisor of the Social Service Division.

Interested? Contact us! 
Overwale 42
9000 Gent
09 243 37 38 

The School of Arts organises an extra workshop for their students in order to improve their creative skills. For some it’s not always easy to ignite this process and this workshop helps those people who unwillingly block their own creative processes. We won’t give you any artistic advice, but we will show you what behaviour, thoughts, feelings,… block the ignition of this process. 

This workshop is open for a broad spectrum of students having difficulties with their creative inner self. 

This group training is only available in Dutch.

Interested? Contact us! 
Overwale 42
9000 Gent
09 243 37 38 

This workshop is dedicated to those artists that need to perform in front of a jury and/or an audience. This doesn’t always mean only drama or music students; also students of the visual arts might need to perform in front of an audience one day. 

Coping with tension and stress is the central topic in this workshop, in order to make them see how they can avoid them and increase the quality of your performance. 

This group training is only available in Dutch.

Interested? Contact us! 
Overwale 42
9000 Gent
09 243 37 38 

Students with a disability.

Every year more students with a disability finish higher education. This is also the case at HOGENT, as we are engaged into providing adequate services to those who need it in order to create equal study opportunities for everyone.

Making your services universal and inclusive implies a lot of changes and is not always an easy way to go. However, HOGENT quickly adapted an attitude in which it removed many obstacles that reduced the accessibility for disabled students. We are thoroughly convinced of the fact that education is available for everyone. 

At the moment we have found various solutions to make the experience for a disabled student much more convenient. We offer support for students with: 

  • Motoric disability (e.g.: MS, chronic backache, rheumatism,…)
  • Auditory disability (e.g.: hard of hearing, deafness,…)
  • Visual disability (e.g.: bad eyesight, visual impaired, colour-blind,…) 
  • Learning disability (e.g.: dyslexia, dyscalculia,…)
  • Psychiatric disability (e.g.: ADHD, Autism Spectrum Condition,…)
  • Chronic illness (diabetes, epilepsy, astma, CVS, Chron’s disease,…) 
  • Multiple disabilities 

We also would like to stress that every student and every disorder is unique, just like every programme we offer. We study each case individually and with care, in order to guarantee a full participation to the programme of your choice. 

Also our exchange students, incoming and outgoing, can count on the support of our Social Service Division for arranging the practicalities for your stay here or abroad. 


Social Service Division
Overwale 42
9000 Gent
+32 9 243 37 38

Tue-Fri from 1 am to 4:30 am CET
Tue-Fri from 8 am to 12 pm CET (appointments only)
Monday from 8 am to 4:30 am CET (appointments only)