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Health & Sports.


Students living in a residence of HOGENT can always call the reception desk for information about medical assistance: addresses of doctors, dentists, etc. are available. In case you have health problems, you can always call the Students’ Advisory Centre of the Ghent University, where doctors run a practice for students. As experienced doctors they are ideally placed to deal with any medical or psychological problem you might have.

As health care is not free, each visit to the doctor must be paid. If you have a proper insurance, you can recover the costs, though some of the medical costs may be charged to the patient personally.

If you want some basic information on your social status as a student in Belgium, you can contact the Office for Student Services.


HOGENT offers a wide range of possibilities to practice sports, either individually or in competition. You can play sports with or without instructors in our sports hall every day, there is a five-a-side football clash, an annual skiing trip and much more.

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