Faculteit Mens en Welzijn

Campus Schoonmeersen
Valentin Vaerwyckweg 1 (auto, post)
Voskenslaan 270
9000 Gent
  +32 (0)9 243 26 29

Faculteit Natuur en Techniek

Campus Schoonmeersen
Valentin Vaerwyckweg 1 (auto, post)
Voskenslaan 270 (voetgangers, openbaar vervoer)
9000 Gent
  +32 (0)9 243 27 00

Faculteit Bedrijf en Organisatie

Campus Schoonmeersen
Valentin Vaerwyckweg 1 (auto, post)
Voskenslaan 270
9000 Gent
  +32 (0)9 243 22 00

School of Arts

Campus Bijloke
J. Kluyskensstraat 2
9000 Gent
  +32 (0)9 267 01 00


University College Ghent (HoGent) is a major player in the field of applied research and research in the arts. University College Ghent is involved in many national and international initiatives and research projects and is actively looking for new opportunities. 

HoGent aims to conduct research that is closely connected to its teaching, addresses contemporary societal challenges, favours interdisciplinary collaboration and strives for maximal impact. Our researchers systematically seek collaboration and co-creation with the public and professional partners from business, industry and government on a regional, national and international level. Thus, our research develops our students’ critical thinking, information and research skills, contributes to the ongoing professionalization of our lecturers and makes HoGent an invaluable innovation partner for the professional field.

Sustainable development goals

HoGent encourages interdisciplinary approaches in all research areas in order to enable researchers to tackle the increasing complexity of current societal challenges. By placing a high value on impact and sustainability, we aim to ensure that newly developed knowledge and practical applications contribute to a critical, creative and open society. To this end, HoGent is committed to the United Nations’ Sustainable Development Goals. By incorporating this framework into our research policy, we hope to encourage and mobilize researchers, lecturers and students to reflect on and contribute to solutions for the world’s ‘wicked problems’.

HoGent: your future research partner?

Thanks to its research experience and diverse expertise, HoGent is a frequent partner in European projects. Our contract research, tailor-made advice, seminars and training courses respond to the specific needs of professionals and help them to innovate. HoGent’s expertise domains for applied research include:

  • SME policy and organization
  • Nutrition and brewing
  • Agrotechnology
  • Fashion and textile technology
  • Design and organization of interior and exterior space
  • Community building and (cultural) diversity
  • Well-being and health promotion
  • Quality of life and people in vulnerable situations

The core research areas of our School of Arts are:

  • Creation and creative processes
  • Analysis of historical and contemporary art
  • Design and performance practices
  • Social awareness in the approach to art and design

Are you interested in a research collaboration? You may contact us with any questions you may have via research@hogent.be or you can browse through our expertise portal to find the research partner you are looking for.

Science communication

HoGent strives to promote science and technology to the general public and to improve the relationship between science and society. To achieve this, we are appealing directly to researchers, lecturers and students. Child universities, science cafés, robot competitions, secondary education workshops and science academies are just some of the activities initiated by HoGent showcasing specific expertise.

Would you like to collaborate with us on a science communication project? Please contact karlijn.franck@hogent.be.



Feel free to contact us for more information via research@hogent.be.

Expertise Portal

Our experts and projects are easily searchable through our expertise portal. This intuitive portal can be used to search for the desired expertise.

HR Excellence in Research

University College Ghent has obtained the HR Excellence in Research label, which demonstrates HoGent’s commitment to act in a responsible and respectable way and to provide fair working conditions to researchers.