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Afbeelding Dutch Language Course

In Flanders (Belgium), the official language is Dutch. Consequently, the official language of instruction at University College Ghent is also Dutch. Although the courses in our international programs are taught in English, exchange students planning to study at University College Ghent will need a basic knowledge of the Dutch language. Regular exchange students must have thorough knowledge of Dutch before starting their studies.


In cooperation with ‘Het Perspectief’, exchange students can choose to follow an elementary Dutch language course enriched with cultural components (80h), including:

  • the necessary practical communicative skills for real-life situations
  • focus on speaking and listening skills: the exercises put the emphasis on learning to understand and produce a number of language expressions necessary in a Dutch-speaking environment
  • basics of grammar
  • short message writing
  • participants are introduced to Flemish culture and social life


  • The course takes place in Ghent at ‘Het Perspectief’, Henleykaai 83, BE-9000 Gent.

How to register?

  • The registration for this course goes together with the online registration process for exchange students at University College Ghent. For more information please contact your international relations coordinator.

Are there any costs?

  • Yes, there are. The cost for the course of 80 hours is 48 euros, plus a variable cost for syllabus and copies. This is paid when registering for the course at 'Het Perspectief'.

Is the course worth taking?

  • It certainly is. In a very short time, you will be able to understand the people around you, use some phrases yourself, but more importantly, you will get an insight in the customs and conventions that are typical of the region. The package also includes some practical information, like where you can find fresh fruit or whether or not you should tip a waiter in a pub.

Do I receive credits for this course?

  • No ECTS credits can be awarded for this course by University College Ghent. However, provided the student has been present for at least 80% and passes the test at the end of the course, an official certificate (Dutch for Foreigners - level 1) is given to students who attended at least 80% of the course and who passed the test. This certificate gives you access to the Course ‘Dutch for Foreigners - level 2’. This certificate can be used by the students home institution to award ECTS credits. Please contact your international relations coordinator at University College Ghent for more information.

Other places where you can take a Dutch language courses: