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Dutch Language Course.


Dutch Language Course.

In Flanders (Belgium), the official language is Dutch. Consequently, the official language of instruction at HOGENT is also Dutch. Regular candidate students must have thorough knowledge of the language before being able to enroll and to start their studies.

The Dutch language requirement at HOGENT University of Applied Sciences and Arts is level B2, corresponding to vantage within the Common European Framework of Reference for Languages (CEFR). A list of Dutch certificates being accepted can be found here.

Regular international candidate students who don’t speak Dutch yet can hand in an application file before the deadlines mentioned. When an application gets approved, a conditional acceptance can be given, to be able to apply for the preparatory Dutch language year that is being organized in Ghent by the University Language Centre. When they obtain the Dutch language certificate B2 by the start of the next academic year, they can use that to web register and inscribe, based on and accompanied by the conditional admission they received the year before. For the School of Arts, other requirements may apply.

Exchange students at HOGENT can choose one of the English-language exchange programmes for one semester. At School of Arts, there are other options. To give these students the opportunity to get acquainted with the Dutch language as well, they can opt for the ‘Survival Dutch' programme component.