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Being a student involves a lot of new experiences, both on the inside and outside of the campus. Our university college is engaged to help you to make your studies one of the most interesting periods in your life. But making you succeed in your studies is, of course, what we eventually live up to.


HOGENT offers many services to increase the chances of success in the students' studies. We can help choose the education and learning path that is most appropriate for the student. We also offer study guidance and study and exam facilities.

Study Guidance

You can contact Study Guidance for extra support. They can help you develop your talents and support you in your learning process with more efficient and effective study skills. University College Ghent also offers other types of guidance : study counselling services, tutorials, tutoring, referrals to specialised services, group guidance, …

Course Guidance

Our course guidance service answers your queries concerning the study contract (diploma contract, credit contract, examination contract) and the follow up of the learning path. If you have studied before and would like to bring in previously acquired qualifications, you can contact the course guidance service. In some cases you may be able to obtain special support when participating on exams, studying particular course units or participating on projects.

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Need counselling?

If you need some counselling on the programme you would like start or you have some doubts between two or more programmes, contact our study advisor by mail or by phone during working hours.
+32 9 243 34 73