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Multifactor Authentication.


Multifactor Authentication.

This guide to setting up multifactor authentication (MFA) and shows step by step how to secure your Microsoft 365 account with the Microsoft Authenticator app. For this you need a smartphone on which the Microsoft Authenticator app can be installed.


Step 1: log in

Log in on Microsoft 365 via webmail.hogent.be or via myapps.microsoft.com.

Fill out as user name your HOGENT email address.

Then click Volgende.


You will be redirected to the login screen. Enter your password and click Sign in.


Step 2: more information required

After entering your password, you will see the screen below. Because multifactor authentication is enabled for your account, additional information is required and you need to further set up multifactor authentication. To do so, click Next.


Step 3: How can we get in touch?

In the next step, you have to choose how you want to additionally secure your account by phone. In this tutorial, the account will be additionally secured with a mobile app that you need to install on your smartphone.

  • Select the Mobile App option from the first drop-down menu.
  • Select Receive notifications for verification in the How do you want to use the mobile app? section
  • Click Set Up.

Step 4: Installing the mobile app Microsoft Authenticator on your smartphone.

  • Are you working with an Android device? Download and install the Microsoft Authenticator app from the Google Play Store.
  • Are you using an Apple device? Download and install the Microsoft Authenticator app from the Apple App Store.

Google Play App Store

Note: If you are asked if the app is allowed to send notifications, select I Agree or Allow.

  • After installing the app, select the Open option.
  • Then in the privacy message, select I Agree or Allow.
  • Then select the Skip or Overslaan option.
  • Then select the Add Account or Account toevoegen option.
  • Then select Work or school account or Werk of schoolaccount .
  • Then select Scan a QR code or Scan een QR code.
  • When asked if the app can take photos or record video, select Allow or Toestaan.
  • Using your smartphone, scan the QR code as described in step 5.

Step 5: Scan the QR-code

Scan the QR code that is displayed on your computer screen. If the code is read then the account is added in the Authenticator app on your smartphone. Then click Next or Volgende on your own computer screen. The screenshot you see here is ,of course, just an example.


Step 6

If the notification De mobiele app is geconfigureerd voor meldingen en verificatiecodes is displayed, then select Next or Volgende.


Step 7

A notification will now be sent to the Authenticator app on your smartphone. Select Approve or Goedkeuren.


Step 8

Now you will be asked to secure your account by adding phone verification to your password. Select the appropriate country code and enter your mobile phone number. Then select Done or Gereed.


Step 9

When you log into Microsoft Office 365 from now on, you will see the window below appear after entering your password (first factor). To log in, you then still need to use your smartphone to approve the login (second factor) via the Authenticator app.


After logging in you may get the following question. Here you can select Ja if you are using a trusted device (computer, tablet, laptop, etc.).