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Postgraduate Non Degrees.


Postgraduate Non Degrees.

Postgraduate Non Degree courses give students an opportunity to enlarge the knowledge formerly acquired with a bachelor or master degree. Upon completion, the student receives a certificate. Be aware that not all courses are taught in English.

Students with a Flemish degree may contact the faculty directly. Students with a Walloon or international bachelor degree, click here to receive more information on application procedures or contact us through admission@hogent.be or +32 9 243 34 59.

  • Postgraduate Coaching, Supervision and Teambuilding (in Dutch)
  • Postgraduate Construction Management (in Dutch)
  • Postgraduate Curatorial Studies
  • Postgraduate dealing with children and young people with mental health problems  (in Dutch)
  • Postgraduate Digital Marketing  (in Dutch)
  • Postgraduate Geo-ICT (in Dutch)
  • Postgraduate in Geriatric Nursing  (in Dutch)
  • Postgraduate in Non-confessional Ethics (in Dutch)
  • Postgraduate in Property Management (in Dutch)
  • Postgraduate IT-Management (in Dutch)
  • Postgraduate Musical Performance Practice